Spin City


I almost entitled this post Mommy Confessional…as this is all about my perceived failings as a mother. But I am also a firm believer that every single mother out there struggles with the fact that they have done something or said something that they regret. But rather than dwelling on the suckage that is the poor decisions we sometimes (okay…often) make in the heat of the moment I figure we should just put a positive spin on it and move on. Spin city! Get it? Well, it’s been almost a year so the clever titles are becoming more elusive so just go with it. So here is my list of confessions and the positive spin I will put on it. (Before someone gets up in arms…I’m NOT actually endorsing any of these behaviors on my part! Quite the opposite. But really…who doesn’t have moments of weakness and then feels so guilty they down a pint of Ben and Jerry’s in one sitting to numb the guilt? Might as well have a sense of humor about it.)

I chuck the kids at Sir Smiley…not to hide in the bathroom to cry or scream or whatever other emotional outburst I need to perform. But I figure they need quality time with Daddy right?

I surf Facebook while the kids play by themselves. Not that I ever feel desperate for adult interaction…even if it’s online. No…it’s because I’m teaching them independent play.

I never have them watch 10 episodes of Dora in a row as a form of cheap babysitter while I attempt to clean and cook. It’s to ensure they learn a smattering of words in Spanish?

The girls are fighting over some toy and I tell them to go deal with it themselves. It’s definitely not because this is the fiftieth time today they have had this fight and I can’t handle mediating one more…it’s totally because they need to practice conflict resolution.

I made Mac and cheese instead of a home cooked meal. Certainly not because I couldn’t take one more meal battle…it’s because all those preservatives have to help preserve their health right?

I put the kids at 5:30. They really looked tired…it had nothing to do with the fact that I was exhausted and contemplating violent acts.

So there are a few of my confessions…with a positive spin. There are more…but I need to go make some Mac and Cheese while the kids finish this episode of Dora…


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