Mommy’s Day Off


Really, the idea of a day off for a mom is a joke. Mom’s rarely get a day off. We get hours off…here and there. I constantly tease Sir Smiley because he used to offer to get up with the kids at night so I could sleep. I was so excited the first time he offered this, but it has since lost it’s charm. The main problem being I have to wake up and wake him up first. By that time I’m wide awake and still lose out on the sleep. I dream of the days before kids, where sleeping through the night was the norm and not a rarity.
Moms are on call constantly. There’s the joke in the movie A Christmas Carol, that the mom hasn’t eaten a hot meal in 10 years, as she is constantly getting up to get things for people. Even nap times and such are never a guarantee. I digress. The point of this being, the past few weeks have been especially hectic. I started a new training season for triathlons and working towards an Olympic Triathlon, so the training is more time consuming. Combine this with all kinds of other crazy things happening…I have been running and running and running. Usually I get an hour break in the middle of the day to scarf down lunch before the next round begins. So I have decided that tomorrow is a day off. Well…half a day off. I’ll get the things that HAVE to be done out of the way in the morning and then just go with the flow the rest of the day.
How will I do this with three kids underfoot? Easy. Just follow their lead. If Sasquatch hands me 20 ponytail holders and asks me to braid her hair…I’ll do it. If they request cereal for dinner…that’s what they’ll have. If they want to go ride on a rocket…we’ll find the closest thing we can to one. No running around. No rushing out the door. No tired and cranky mom or kids. If they want to watch a movie, we’ll watch a movie and I will hold them and snuggle them every minute of it. If they want ice cream for a snack I’ll have a bowl with them. They can rip apart the house and not one of us will have to pick it up. You see, a mommy can always have a day off…maybe not from this kids…but from working so hard at doing everything the right way and instead do things the fun way.

Note: My parents are taking the kids for two nights in a week! As much as this mommy loves her kids and as great as tomorrow will be…I cannot WAIT to have some time to myself! Keep an eye out as I will surely be sharing the bliss that is a day truly to myself!


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