Mommy’s Day Off…a repris


I’m sure you are all just dying to know how my “day off” went…especially after that oh so eloquent post about cutting loose and going with the flow. (See post here if you’re confused) Will I need to eat my words? Almost. It started off a little rocky. Sir Smiley had to leave for work early and so there was a lot of rushing around as I tried to make lunch for all of us (and his dinner) at the same time. Combine that with Urpling being inexplicably difficult. (Well, maybe not inexplicable as she always struggles with emotional outbursts…but this was excessive even for her). I manage to get everyone fed and the younger ones down for a nap and even get a shower in! Sasquatch manages to fall asleep right when everyone is waking up so she’s out of it. Then Urpling wakes up and she’s crying and feels very hot. So I go to take her temp. As I go to take it I hear splashing and glance over to see King Toot having a grand old time splashing in the toilet. Scrub him down thoroughly and then back to taking the temp. 103.6. Awesome. Urpling is still crying and wailing so I take her out to the living room and set her down on the couch. I turn around to get her a blanket and notice King Toot is now sucking on the spout of the hand soap from the bathroom. *sigh. I take that from him and he screams in indignation as he flings himself face down on the floor. Urpling is still wailing. So I get some M&MS out and bribe them all to silence with chocolate candies and The Incredibles.

Amazingly…it works. King Toot calms down and plays happily on the floor. Both girls curl up in my lap for OVER AN HOUR! Then it’s some classy McDonalds and we all settled into watch Sleeping Beauty where I then get to watch the girls twirl and dance to the music. All in all, it was a good day. Just need to delete those twenty minute in the middle and it would be perfect…


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