Girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice..*cough *laugh *cough


So…I wrote this post about boys that was REALLY popular…at least for my blog (you can read it here if you haven’t yet) I mean, I think there were people who read it that I may not even know! Anyway…the mom guilt has set in. I over-think everything (my autocorrect changed that to overt hunk…sounds interning that way. How do you over hunk something I wonder…) …to the point of driving myself insane. See the parentheses for proof if you doubt. What was my guilt? First, that I made boyish qualities out to be a negative. As Sir Smiley pointed out, these qualities will make him a strong leader. If we train him up right, he will be a powerful force for good in this world…there is no doubt. But I also fretted about the fact that I would target boys and not girls. So in the interest of fairness…here are some of my issues I keep running into with my girls.

Emotional roller coaster starts young. I figured puberty would be hard with three of us experiencing PMS. But no, it starts waaaaaaaaaaay before that. I swear to you, Urpling has got to be starting her period soon because her emotions are giving me whiplash. One moment she is happy and the next she dissolves into uncontrollable sobbing and wailing. When the Bible describes mourners tearing their clothes and wailing and gnashing their teeth I honestly think that my daughter would make and excellent mourner. Too bad we don’t have those anymore because I could have a career for her already.

The long hair. Yeah, yeah…boys can have long hair and girls can have short. But at the small stage one must admit that if you don’t want to hassle with people mistaking your girl for a boy and vice versa…there are certain social cues you follow. I am too lazy to correct people about the sex of my child so I resort to pink vs blue and long vs short. Deal with it. That said…long hair drives me nuts. That and the movie Rapunzel. Sasquatch was fine with a cute little bob until she saw that movie. Now she insists that she have long hair. Her hair is so thick I swear I have to use a chainsaw to brush it in the mornings…and that’s with special shampoo…conditioner…and then spray-in detangler. King Toot will have a buzz cut until he moves out.

Double standard. I can take King Toot out and about with dirt, lunch, boogers, drool, whatever else all over his face and hands and no one seems to notice. If there is even a smudge on my girls, I get dirty looks. My girls are active! They do not sit around all day sipping tea and bathing.

They are definitely socialites. The verbal skills for Sasquatch are very high…not so much for Urpling. But whether we can understand them or not…there is a constant narrative of everything from a description of my actions to deep philosophy about who God is. I love it…for the hour. But the next eight start to overwhelm me as even a simple phone conversation or asking Sir Smiley a question takes three times as long.

I get that these are not mutually girl traits and many parents of boys struggle with these…but just saying…girls are not made of EVERYTHING nice…they have some mischievous things mixed in there as well to make my son a welcome break.

Note: My girls are so cute that you can’t help but love them…and here is the proof.






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