I try not to be too serious…it tends to give me a headache and I find a sense of humor is invaluable when one has three small children. But there are times where I feel more like an ocean than a babbling brook (see, I used some imagery…you can tell this is a more serious post already, can’t you?). Today is one of those days. Today I was sitting with my kids and we were making the Friday is Sad but Sunday is Glad cards (see this post)and talking about what it meant. It put me in a contemplative mood as this time of year always does (and rightly so). This world really sucks sometimes. Korea’s blowing stuff up, or will blow stuff up, or may blow stuff up, and there’s the whole profile pics all shoving in your face stuff about marriage rights, and the gun control issue is still up there as well. It makes me frustrated. It makes me frustrated because this is a time of great hope and people just can’t see it! This week, of all weeks, people are talking about all the wrong things…in my opinion. We are approaching the celebration of the greatest love story our world has ever experienced, and it’s one that includes each and every one of us. It’s greater than Romeo and Juliet, or Miss Bennett and Mr. Darcy, or even Bella and Edward (read that last part with a hint of sarcasm…or more than a hint if you like)and it is our love story. We don’t just have to read about it…we can experience it. God became flesh and suffered every possible temptation, and then the weight of every sin of every person throughout time was placed on Him as He died. We’re talking a complete separation from God and all the things that come with it (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control). He did it purely because of His unconditional love for you. It’s mind blowing.

I am sitting here trying to share this hope with my kids, because as much as this world sucks sometimes…there is a great hope that it won’t always be this way. Such an incredible love was shown to us and I want my kids to truly understand and experience that love. I don’t want my kids to become “religious” or to be really good at talking like a Christian. I want them to grow up loving God and experiencing His love for them. To truly have a relationship with Him. Just teaching them facts is easy…teaching them who God is, and showing them how to experience His love is much more difficult. But it is the goal I strive for every single day.

So no politics for me this week. I want to dwell on the wonder of God’s love for me and share that wonder with my kids. So Happy Easter!


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