The road to recovery…is long.


My apologies for the lack of post-age (you see that…took a noun and turned it into a verb with a completely different meaning..cause I’m awesome). But life got a bit busy, and sometimes life just needs living (wow…that phrase was pretty epic. It had a great balance of pretend profoundness and ambiguity…I could be a philosopher. I should write that one down. I just read that to Sir Smiley and all he did was roll his eyes and tell me I was full of it. He doesn’t appreciate true wit.) I first was busy, then was busy and sick. Finally feeling better and it’s making me a little feisty. You’ve been warned.

I’ve noticed a trend. I don’t get sick often…but when I do it lasts forever. I have several running theories…aliens keep infecting me to see how our bodies react, I live over a secret government experimental facility and the gases infect my particular body type, orI don’t eat enough cookies (because I firmly believe cookies will eventually be discovered as the ultimate source of health). But while these are all excellent possibilities, I have this crazy notion it might be related to sleep patterns. As crazy as it sounds, apparently you need to sleep and stuff to get better. But there is an issue with this…while I get a decent quantity of sleep, the quality is probably not where it should be. I tried going to bed early, but the kids always need things until they finally drop off completely around 10. Now they sleep great until about 7 am. But then there is hubby’s weird schedule. The kids drop off around 10 pm…and then Sir Smiley comes home anywhere from 3-6 hours after that. So for the next three to six hours I try to sleep, knowing that my hubby is still out there and that he will be coming home and interrupting my sleep. Then a few hours after he gets home the kids wake up.

But I have also been blessed with the fact that two out of three kids nap at the same time, and the third can play quietly by herself. So no problem…I’ll just get a good nap in to help. Oh, but they only nap well when I don’t need them to. When I do need the rest, they inevitably ALL poop during said naptime. But not all at once. No, they carefully time their bowl movements so that they are spaced every half hour to hour so I don’t actually get to sleep.

So how about when Sir Smiley is home? I mean, I was sick for two weeks…he must have been home at some point! But there is the direct correlation of Mommy’s inability to function and the kids clinginess. Basically meaning, the less mommy can or wants to care for the children, the more they cry and wail for mommy. I remember a moment spending about three hours trying to nap where I’m fairly certain King Toot stood outside the door of my room for two and a half of those three hours alternating between wailing, saying mamamamamama over and over again, wiggling the door handle, and pounding on the door.

Needless to say, it has been a long road to recovery. Praying and hoping I don’t get sick for a long time (or never…why not shoot for the stars?)


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