Bucket List


Bucket lists have become increasingly popular. You hear the idea of them thrown around quite a bit and it got me thinking, what would I put on my bucket list? Ever since I was little, I wanted to teach, get married, and have kids. Check, check, and check. Guess I can die happy. Then, as usual, my brain split off in a few more directions. First thought was, there are some things on my bucket list now that I have already done…but would do anything (or close to it) to be able to do again. You know, like urinate alone…or really use the toilet in any manner in solitude. Nothing beats having “intestinal difficulties” while on the interstate alone with three kids, parking and unloading three small children and racing into Ikea, and then while using the facilities have your 18 month old figure out the latch, fling the stall door wide open and make a run for it (not that this happened to me…but if it had I would hypothetically be thankful that Sasquatch was old enough to run and fetch him and drag him screaming back while I poop in front of some poor women washing their hands.) Being able to walk from point A to point B in my house without tripping over toys, shoes, dogs or small people. Make at least one meal that everyone would eat without coaxing, pleading, bribing, or begging that did not involve some form of cheesy noodle or breakfast food…or anything deep fried. These would all be items that would go on my bucket list.

But the other direction my head went is the idea of having a bucket list of all the things you’ve already done. If completing a bucket list is the key to contentment, then I need only to create a list of things I’ve already done and voila! Instant feeling of accomplishment. Here are some ideas:

To be puked on, pooped on and peed on in the same month.

To be corrected when you write your name down, saying, “No, that’s wrong! It’s spelled M-O-M-M-Y!”

To have an audience that cheers you on after each successful use of the toilet.

To spend a day as Princess Bell, drinking tea and shopping with Princess Rapunzel and Princess Fiona-Dora (who apparently has multiple personality disorder and could never decide who she wanted to be).

Have kisses that are so magical they can heal any wound.

Spend years never sleeping more than a few hours at a time.

Brush several sets of teeth but leave the house and realize none of them are yours…

Feel the rush the first time a baby hugs you, kisses you, reaches for you, or smiles at you.

Participate in an impromptu dance production.

I’m going with this Bucket List…and I will definitely die happy. What would be on yours?


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