Diaper Mystery


It’s hot…really hot. So no deep or motivational thoughts today. Just a quick post is all I have energy for.

Changing diapers are a part of life for any parent of small children. I have often heard the joke that a baby has left you a “present” when they’ve pooped. But sometimes there is an added surprise in there when you go to change a diaper. So for kicks and giggles and because I love potty humor (or in this case diaper humor) here is a list of some of the odd things I’ve found in my kids diaper. (note: These are not objects found IN the poop. My kids seem to go through a phase were a diaper is as great a place to store things as a pocket. They did not swallow these things! So stop freaking out!)

– Cheerios – Cheerios (and goldfish) are a staple in our home as far as snacks go. But they get everywhere. They stick to their pants, fall on the floor, and get tracked around. Luckily my dogs love Cheerios and do a decent job of cleaning them up. But often these little bits of yumminess somehow work their way into a kids diaper. Even when they’re wearing a onesie. It’s a mystery I have yet to figure out.
– Legos: including a Lego man once.
– sand and small rocks.
– puzzle pieces
– crayons
– bits of paper
– dog food

Yet they never seem to be uncomfortable. Go figure. For you parents, what’s the strangest thing you’ve found in a kids diaper?


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