So yeah….going for a Lost! spin off with the title here. Not sure if I nailed it, but honestly I don’t really care.
I went to Costco today (I know…you’re on the edge of your seats already! Costco!) right after going to Walmart. So, you know, fun is obviously my middle name. Even more obvious is the fact that I left all my shopping until the last minute. I digress. I went to Walmart, dropped the goods off at home and then proceeded to Costco without incident. I pull up to the gas pump to get me some cheap gas (you can envision my van yelling “get in my belly!” if you like. I do…when I’m really bored at gas stations…). Apparently everyone and their mother, grandmother, and obscure relative decided that now was the time to get gas because a huge line formed behind me. No pressure, I’m skilled at this. I quickly get the gas pumping into the van, and just as quickly put everything back when it’s done and leap into my car (that was probably a run on sentence there…but again I don’t really care). I turn the key in the ignition aaaaaaand….nothing. Just a fun clicking sound that would be great if I wanted to perform an impromptu musical number but useless for actually getting my van to do something…other than click. I try it again. Nothing.
Maybe I should mention here that where I live…it’s hot. Like, living on the face of the sun hot. I had already been standing in the sun waiting for a slow pump to fill my gas tank and I was already melting. Now my car won’t start and I’m sitting in this outrageous heat, slowly melting, and I start thinking through my options. Is my gas tank still open and that is somehow causing my van to freak out? No. Are the side doors open? No. Do I need to step on the brakes while I start it? Didn’t work. Is it not properly in park? Nothing. Beads of sweat are on my brow as I start to consider what to do next. I spot the gas attendant standing there so I ask him if he knows much about cars. He comes over and listens and affirms that it’s probably my battery and to sit tight…he would push me out of the way. He then located another patron of the gas area who was willing to give me a jump (thank you Sir Smiley for making sure I always have jumper cables). So the gas attendant and the man in line behind me helped push my van while I steered and I was out of the way. The other woman pulled up and we assembled the jumper cables without killing ourselves (although I did burn my fingers on the little rod that holds up the hood…just to give you an idea of how hot it was). During this time another man pulled up and helped us as well. With the aid of the jumper cables, my van started right up. I thanked them all profusely and leapt into my van. Deciding that I should probably forgo the second shopping trip and instead get my family home in one piece, off I went. A few minutes into it I realized I still wasn’t cooling off. Why? Because the AC was no longer functioning. It was a fantastic 15 minute drive home and by the time I made it home even my hair was soaked with sweat and all my children were bright red (don’t freak out! They all had water…I never leave home without water) from the heat.

I consider myself a fairly level headed person, and throughout the ordeal I didn’t get too panicked. So it surprised me when I finally got home, everyone was inside with a big bottle of water and air conditioning, when I suddenly became very upset. I guess the adrenaline wore off and even though I was stranded in a busy area with plenty of help it was a very disconcerting experience. I thank God that the world is still full of friendly and helpful people. People who help cheerfully, and that thought brings me comfort. Now I get to enjoy the next day or two without being able to leave the house. Guess it’s time to have a pajama day and build forts.


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