I’m a bad mom.


I’m a bad mom.
I’ve forgotten to brush my kids teeth.
I don’t like to do crafts.
I have breast fed in public.
I weaned my youngest after only a month.
I feed my kids Mac and Cheese and hot dogs…sometimes together. And I feed it to them often.

I’m a bad mom.
I used Cry it out with my oldest.
I’ve rocked my kids to sleep.
I’ve spanked my kids and I’ve yelled at them.
I’ve spoiled my kids and bribed them to behave.
I’ve given warnings and not followed through.

I’m a bad mom.
I’ve used movies as a babysitter. Movies that were not even remotely educational.
I’ve played Candy Crush while my kids were awake.
I use the bathroom as an escape (even though it never works).
I have problems letting go and I constantly worry.
I have said, “Not right now” to my kids attempts to get my attention.

I’m a bad mom.
I don’t give my kids baths every day.
I get angry when my kids have accidents…even though I know they couldn’t help it.
I feel overwhelmed and have no idea what I’m doing half the time.
I give them too many toys.
I don’t give them enough toys.

I’m a bad mom.
I don’t take them to the park often.
I won’t always read them every book out of the stack of thirty they bring me.
I take time for myself.
I take time for my husband.
Yelled at them for their behavior only to find out their sick…or teething…or hurt.

The lists go on and on…
I’m a bad mom.
But really, the only one who thinks that…is me.


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