I know it’s been a while. But I swear, I was not playing Candy Crush! Well, at least not the entire time! But I may or may not have been planning my next vacation which is pretty big. Anyone who knows me well, knows I love planning trips. Obsessively. If vacation planning were drugs, I would be a tweaker right now. But I digress.
It all started when Sir Smiley decided to take out all the worlds angst on his toe by doing an impressive high kick against the washing machine (he was trying to catch the door before it closed and apparently the washing machine got in the way) It was thankfully not broken, but it is huge and purple and very colorful. Not knowing if it was broken, I took the washing machine ninja to the urgent care. He brought along a bunch of crazy old dive magazines and told me if I was bored to check them out and pick fun places to go scuba diving (we both are PADI certified divers…see post here about our last dive experience). I was busy keeping King Toot from destroying the lobby so I didn’t pay much attention and also didn’t do what he requested.
When we got home and after the kids were in bed I was exhausted and just sitting at the table. Sir Smiley sat down and told me that he had been thinking about our tenth anniversary which is coming up next year. He apparently has a bazillion hours stored up he can cash out at work, and so he then told me to pick any place in the world to go scuba diving and have a vacation and we would go there.
After I removed my jaw from the floor, I began pondering where I wanted to go….for about 30 seconds. There is one place I’ve wanted to go to for a long time. Back in college I went backpacking across Europe with my sister and we stayed in a hostel in Salzburg, Austria with two girls from Israel and two girls from New Zealand. Hearing them describe their homes has made me want to visit both. Not a lot of scuba diving in Israel, and New Zealand seemed to land on the safer end of the spectrum so…….I’M GOING TO NEW ZEALAND!!!!
We’re going scuba diving with all kinds of fish and possibly even sharks or whales, wreck diving, and swimming with the dolphins. We will be visiting the Shire and Bag End, and even hike through Mordor and up Mount Doom. Not to mention finishing it off by abseiling for 30 minutes down into a huge series of caves. Oh, and we’ll be camping for all but three nights. We’ve already bought our plane tickets so there’s no backing out now!
So I haven’t been writing, because I’ve been planning. Planning an itinerary that includes links to information websites, you tube videos, and is color coordinated based on activity. Like I said, I’m a vacation tweaker and I just got a huge hit on my drug. Booyah!

Note: I am not condoning drug use! Drugs are bad! Just say no! If that doesn’t convince you, then simply read almost any post I’ve written under Keeping the Peace Abroad and that will.


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