I love my dogs…I promise…


I want to preface this by saying that while this is a rant…I really do love my dogs. But I just finished vacuuming for the millionth time and am feeling exasperated because of the hair (and stickers…but we’ll save that one for another time). Good gravy, the hair. Dog hair gets everywhere. I end up having to clean the house from floor to ceiling every week just to keep it at bay. I feel like I’m in a long drawn out war that I am steadily losing.
See, the problem is they’re old (about 11) and so they’re not really playful. While they tolerate our kid’s affections well…they aren’t going to run around with our kids until everyone is tired and quiet. Also, they shed so much that if I were God, I could collect the fur I’ve swept up and make a small litter of puppies every few days. No matter how much I clean, I’m picking dog hair out of food, off kids faces, and out of my mouth. Also, they bark. Being old, they can’t hear or see as well so they’ll bark at every slight noise they hear. You know, just in case it might actually be something. They want to make sure they’ve got all their bases covered. Of course this always seems to happen right when all the kids are finally sleeping…or at least quiet…and these ill-timed barks shatter any semblance of peace in our home. And when they stand up, they always have to shake and their collars make these loud noises that serve the same purpose as their barks…to ensure the house doesn’t remain quiet for too long. Did I mention they randomly eat things? Mainly toys and pens but they’ve also dabbled in koosh balls.
I love my dogs. We rescued them 9 years ago and they have been our faithful and adorable companions. They are sweet. They tolerate being “decorated” by Sasquatch with headbands and barrettes. They tolerate King Toot’s “hugs” and “kisses”. They are very obedient…they don’t even go on the carpet. They are affectionate and low maintenance. But some days I just want to shave them both just to save my sanity a little bit.


My cute dogs…


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