Hide and Seek


So two out of three kids are sick this morning. Sasquatch is fine, but Urpling has a mild case of croup and King Toot has a fairly severe case of croup. I was up much of the night with the two sickos and am a little tired so it’s a pajama day. I want to keep the small ones calm so they don’t get out of breath, but also keep Sasquatch entertained. She suggests playing Hide and Seek. Sounds good to me.
Have you ever played hide and seek with a five and three year old? Entertaining doesn’t begin to cover it. Sasquatch requests to hide first. So I cover my eyes and count to ten. When I finish I instantly hear shrieks and giggles coming from behind the couch. Hmmm….I wonder where she is? I pretend to hunt around a little bit and find her…which delights her. So now it’s my time to hide so I hide behind the door of the laundry room. But before she starts looking, the dogs come up to me, licking me and wagging their tails. So she found me right away (thanks dogs…now I can add that to my list of grievances in this post). Sasquatch goes to hide behind one of the chairs before I even start counting. Then she tells me, from her hiding to place, to go count somewhere else. I go to count and Sir Smiley tells Sasquatch to hide somewhere else and keep quiet. So she hides behind the other chair, and is quiet. I come in and announce grandly, “Where’s (Sasquatch?)?!” To which Urpling yells out, “She’s behind the chair!”. I find her, and then Sasquatch tells me I have to hide in the living room. So I pile some pillows on me and she finds me. I start counting and Sasquatch announces loudly that she’s going to hide under the table. I come in and hear her giggling…and then see one if the table chairs move on its own. I pretend I can’t see her and finally “find her”. I then go hide in a closet…with the door open. Both girls check the room multiple times but never even glance towards the closet. I finally have to start whistling. Urpling, who is carrying a bike pump, slowly enters the room with the pump drawn like a weapon…looking around cautiously. I have my head hanging out the closet by this time and she still doesn’t see me. So I finally whistle again and she slowly looks up…and squeals. So now both Urpling and Sasquatch go to hide. Sasquatch hides in a kitchen cabinet..and then proceeds to yell out commands at me from her hiding place. She tells me that she is hiding in the cabinet, so I’m supposed to go find Urpling and then check every place in the house EXCEPT the cabinet. Obviously. So I go in search of Urpling who is pumping her little air pump furiously so I hear a steady stream of *pfft *pfft *pfft. Then she starts giggling and sticks her head out and looks at me. I pretend not to see her and keep looking. Urpling can’t take the tension and yells out, “I’m right here!” so I oblige and “find” her. We go and eventually “find” Sasquatch after searching the house.
All in all it was the perfect sick day activity. Lots of fun without too much exertion.


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