Yeah, I was super serious and long last time. So I figured I would do super short, with some semi-funny moments over the last few days.

Urpling has been placed in the shower to marinate when I hear her yelling for me. I run in and she looks at me with a face full of wonder and says, “Mommy! My hands! They’re wet!”. To which I respond, “Why yes, they are!”. “Uh huh! They’re WET!!!”. (I swear, she has been bathed before)

I went grocery shopping and had to buy bouillon cubes. I have no idea what these things are. (I even had to use autocorrect just to figure out how to spell them). So I look around the soup aisle, since that’s what I’m using them in. Can’t find them. Feeling like a complete idiot, I look around and see that the only employees are young teenage boys. Great. So now, as I start to approach the nearest adolescent for help, I realize that I have no idea if they are even a shelved item or if they belong in the refrigerator section. Nothing like looking like a complete idiot as you’ve spent 15 minutes browsing the soup aisle looking for what was probably cheese or something. Thankfully the guy knew what I was talking about and it was in the soup aisle. Relieved that I only would have to look like an idiot 99 times that day instead of 100, I headed off to buy my purchase and celebrate victory (The Chicken Dumpling soup turned out fabulous…thanks for asking).

Picked up Sasquatch from school. She plops into her seat, sighs, and then announces, ” You know, I think I’m going to shave my head and dress up like an angel tomorrow.”

King Toot now waves bye and then says, “Die, die” in his cute one year old voice (I hope he means bye…but you never know with him).

My mom and I go to pick up Sasquatch from school. We then have to wait 15 minutes for Urpling’s class to get out. In the meantime, Sasquatch proceeds to draw squiggles and arrows in the ground. She announces that this is how to get to heaven and that when she dies, Grandma needs to make sure that she follows the arrows. Also, she made Grandma promise to tell Grandpa (So Grandpa, if Grandma failed in her mission, when you die you need to follow the arrows to heaven).

The next day Sasquatch was distressed that the wind made a bad choice and erased the map to heaven. So she then proceeded to draw the Ten Commandments.

Sasquatch announced to me tonight that she was a Ninja. “Ninjas are small wild animals”. Little boys everywhere are shuddering right now.

The end.


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