When Murphy met Lusi Part 1: backstory


It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything. Apparently, running the preschool program at your church, training for triathlons, leading a Bible Study, leading Cubbies, joining the PTO board and running a house with three kids ages 2, 4, and 6 leaves a person with very little free time. Go figure.

To avoid exploding from all life’s stresses and to celebrate our tenth anniversary, Sir Smiley and I went to New Zealand for ten days (including travel). It was a roller coaster ride of amazing moments. Moments both amazing in how wonderful it was and how horrifying. This blog post gained it’s title from two very important things. First is Murphy, the ever infamous. His law wreaks havoc on all without mercy. On our vacation, Murphy’s law met with Cyclone Lusi and the result is our epic vacation.

For this series of posts, I will be covering the havoc that these two wrought on our vacation. But to start off, we need a little backstory to set the stage. A few little fun facts that also will serve as foreshadowing for what is to come.


Sir Smiley does not lose things. He is meticulous to such a degree it boggles my mind. He honestly cannot leave the house unless he has followed a specific order of objectives. He must carefully assemble his hardware (gun, phone, pocket knife, wallet, etc.) into his pockets. He has to put on his shoes and tie them. He always double checks the entire house and then quickly downs a glass of water. It doesn’t matter if we’re late to see the Pope. He will not skip any of these steps. He has a routine when he goes to work or comes home from work. When he showers. When he eats. There is ALWAYS a specific routine he follows and he NEVER deviates. As a result, he rarely loses things. I am a scatterbrain who will often be searching for the glasses on top of her head. I inherited my dad’s organizational skills (sorry Dad, but we both know it’s true). The running joke is if I can’t find something, to check the couch cushions and we always find it. So me? Yeah, I lose stuff constantly…but he never loses things (disclaimer: unless I moved them).

I do not damage cars. When I first started driving, I rear ended someone and totaled both cars, months after getting my license. The experience terrified me and gave me a healthy respect for the power of the vehicle I was driving. I don’t scrape, bonk, curb, or in any way collide with other objects. Sir Smiley has a big dent on the side of his car from hitting a post while backing up, but my van looks fantastic (I take that back, there is a scratch on the back bumper from when I didn’t pull in far enough and when of the kiddos closed the garage door before I had time to move it).

I have a stomach of steel. I. do. not. puke. Ever. Our family was sick with some kind of nasty stomach bug we kept passing around for six weeks. Everyone one else was puking up a storm. Me? Nothing. The last time I puked was literally ten years ago, when I first got married. Not once since then.

Tropical Cyclone Lusi. She’s a lovely storm that first hit a small island named Vanuatu and left three dead and six missing…then worked it’s way to Fiji and New Zealand. By the time it reached New Zealand it had lessened to only about 50-60 mph gusts with rain thrown in. New Zealand has been experiencing the worst draught ever in 70 years and everyday had been sunny and warm. Until we visited.

I have been having issues with my period ever since I had my third kiddo. Issues like, having my period for three out of four weeks. For the last two years they have been slowly running the gamut of new medications and such to get the bleeding under control. The most recent was having a Mirena IUD put in. It often will reduce your period to nothing, but in my case it only lessened the bleeding a bit. I was still having my period three out of four weeks…but it was noticeably lighter. So back in I went and they had me try some antibiotics and scheduled a follow up in May to see if that had helped. It hadn’t.

So now you have the background of my epic adventure in New Zealand. I loved New Zealand…but as you’ll see tomorrow, New Zealand did not love me.


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