Here it is, what you’ve all been waiting for! Another installment of School Stories from Sasquatch! For your reading pleasure!

“My band has lots of ornaments and it has a trombone, and it has violins, and it has yokalaylies, it has drums, and it has dancing and singing. Angelina Ballerina plays the drums, and she sometimes dances. Everyone else dances with her. And then when the music stops, everyone eats their dinners and everyone goes home. Mary plays the trombones. Joseph is in my band, he plays the yokalaylies and Kate plays the violin. Riley kills monsters and she plays that thing with the strings that goes down and she goes like this (mimics playing the harp). They play, and then the church closes and everyone goes home to take a rest.”

When asked what happened in their story, “The Little School Bus”, Sasquatch responds by saying, “The little school bus was driving too fast and crashed into all the houses and hurt people very much.” Me, “Is that what really happened?” Sasquatch, “Uh huh, and then they all had to go to the hospital. The little school bus had to go to jail because it made a big, bad mistake.”
(link to the actual book and description : ) All the kids weren’t listening to the story. They were wiggling, playing with their shoes, giggling…they were NOT listening.” (I do notice the irony of the fact that she couldn’t tell me the actual story, but was the one listening…)

“Kendall was at my table. But no boys were at my table because it was all girls. So that’s why they called it a girl table. I also did an alarm thing. The fire thing started to go, it was on. Outside I saw the fire thing and it was blinking.”

“I did the calendar today. The number 2013 is the ear.”


Mary and Joseph


Sasquatch had her first week of school ever. It has been exciting and exhausting but the best part of all was hearing her stories about what happened each day. I expected a recount of what happened, but never really considered what happens when a bunch of five year olds get together and have conversations together. Randomness does not begin to describe it. So I’m starting a new series of posts at the end of each week that I’m calling School Stories from Sasquatch. I did not get as many of these gems this week because the first day or two I kept forgetting to get something to write her stories down. But I did get a few written down this week. So here is the first installment of School Stories from Sasquatch.
“I have two new friends: Joseph and Eason. Eason’s dad makes eggs. He takes the yolks and egg whites and he puts them in a container called a shell. Then he drives them to the store. Aaaaand I did something called the Pledge of Allegiance. There’s a flag in my classroom!”
“Mary was my friend. I told her ‘I want you to be my friend’ and she was. She lives very far away by Grandma Claire’s house, she lives in MN.”
“We had partners today. My partner’s name was Joseph. He’s not a grown up yet, he still needs to grow up. But when he does he’ll have a Bonny boy named Jesus.”

Hopefully next week is just as entertaining…