While I was pooping


Pooping is one of those bodily functions you cannot avoid (Well, maybe you could…but I’m sure there would be some serious ramifications to your health). This is something I prefer to do alone, but for some reason that never seems to happen. So here is an example of the escapades that occur…while I was pooping.

As I was…doing my business…Sasquatch comes in first. She has found the book I was reading that I had left face down. Obviously, I leave books face down to save my spot. Sasquatch was obviously concerned about what this would do to the books binding because she had nicely closed the book for me, leaving me with no mark for where I left off. Then Urpling comes running in and makes her polar bear kiss me, while stomping on my foot. After that, Sasquatch asks me to help her get her new Tinkerbell movie started. I told her I was indisposed at the moment. To finish it all off, King Toot comes crawling in (he’s mobile now) and pulls himself up on my legs and drools on me. After he finally crawls away, I hear him banging as hard as he can on our bedroom mirrors. Did I mention Sir Smiley was home? But of course Mommy is the one to visit at this particular moment.

Some day…some day…I can visit the john alone…